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Welcome to California Wills & Trusts®… a complete, online estate planning resource!

Our Law Firm specializes in preparing legally enforceable and tailor-made estate plans for California families, couples, and individuals at the lowest rates. Our Firm focuses on middle-class clients who are worried about not having a Will, a Living Trust or other legal documents to handle their affairs, but they believe the process of establishing a comprehensive plan would take too much time or money.

This website is designed to clearly and concisely answer all of your questions regarding the important subject of estate planning. Whether you are just beginning your research or have advance understanding of estate planning, our site will help make sense of this complicated legal endeavor. Our site will provide you with all of the necessary tools to help you determine exactly what estate plan fits your situation best, in the comfort of your home or office, and without the need to contact anyone!

We present detailed explanations and descriptions of estate planning options available in California. We are clear and upfront about our services and fees. And we provide independent, helpful resources and official links to government agencies and trusted organizations so that you can verify the accuracy of our continually updated site. With the 2001 Bush-Congressional tax cut, the legal field of estate planning has gotten much more complicated, but equally more beneficial to taxpayers that play by the ever-changing rules.

After you have thoroughly reviewed the professionally prepared information available on this site, you should be encouraged to learn that our fees are among the lowest in California. Specialization and e-commerce technology are the twin pillars that sustain our practice and our competitive rates.

Although our law firm specializes in routine estate plans - enabling us to charge fees far below most estate planning attorneys - all of our clients receive personalized attention and all of our plans are tailored to fit their individual needs. You should rest assured that our lead attorney, Fred Jones, will be the only person drafting your estate documents. We are not a national will & trust "mill" with non-attorneys cookie-cutting estate plan packages. You will be corresponding directly with a California-licensed attorney via email, and occasionally by phone, as he studies your assets and estate planning needs and drafts your requested documents. And by performing much of our communications via electronic means, we minimize our overhead expenses, allowing us to pass substantial savings onto our clients.

Please take the time to thoroughly review this informative and user-friendly site. Most, if not all, of your estate planning questions should be answered, including which estate documents are right for you. Then you will need to fill-out and submit online consultation forms to allow Mr. Jones to begin drafting your personalized estate plan. You will find these fill-in-the-blank forms for each estate planning option (i.e., Will, Trust, Medical Directive, Financial DPA) at the "Consultation" link on every page. Once we receive this information, Mr. Jones will be contacting you to further refine your personalized plan.

We hope your visit encourages you to entrust your estate planning needs to our Firm.

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