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Will : Specifies who gets property covered by that document when you die. A will can also serve other vital purposes, such as appointing a personal guardian to raise your minor children if you and the other parent aren’t available.
Living Trust : A legal document that controls the use and transfer of any property you have placed in trust when you die. Offers the huge added benefit of avoiding probate.
Medical Directive : expresses your preferences for medical care and legally bounds your healthcare providers to your wishes. You can specify what care you want provided or withheld if you are diagnosed to have a terminal illness or to be in a permanent coma, and you can name an agent to ensure that your wishes are followed.
Financial Power of Attorney : avoid court proceedings if you become incapacitated. If you don't have a durable power of attorney, your relatives or other loved ones will have to ask a judge to name someone to manage your financial affairs.



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