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Client Consultation: WILL

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

E-mail address

Date of Birth


Mailing Address


Marital Status:

Spouse Name

Spouse SS#

Children name(s) and D.O.B (press Enter while typing to add additional children in this text box)

Grandchildren name(s) and D.O.B (press Enter while typing to add additional children in this text box)

Personal Guardian for Children

Who would you like to be your children’s guardian if you and the children’s other parent die?
Briefly state the reason for your choice (e.g., my child’s aunt has been closely involved with my child’s upbringing, etc.).
Primary Reason
Secondary Reason

Main Bequest
Do you want to leave everything (or most things) to your Spouse if you predecease your Spouse? If you answer yes, then you still may want to give a few specific items to certain beneficiaries other than your spouse (see Specific Bequest, below). You should also name residuary beneficiaries in the event your spouse pre-deceases you (see Residuary Bequest, below).
Yes No

Specific Bequest(s)
Do you separately own any specific item(s) that you would like specific beneficiaries to receive (other than your Spouse), like a family heirloom that has been passed from generation to generation in your family?

Item Primary Recipient Backup Recipient

Residuary Bequest
After specifically bequesting certain items, to whom should all of your remaining assets go? You may divide all of your assets in certain shares among beneficiaries (e.g., your children in equal shares), so please state that under “Primary” if this is your desire.
Primary Residuary Beneficiary(s):

Back-up Residuary Beneficiary(s):

For Back-up Residuary Beneficiaries:
If you would like your children to receive the property in equal shares, what would you like to do in the event that one of your children pre-deceases you? Would you like that child’s property to be transferred to your other living children or would you prefer to give your property to that deceased child’s beneficiaries/heirs? Please clarify your choice.
Transfer to surviving Residuary Beneficiaries
Pass onto deceased Residuary Beneficiary’s heirs

Property Management for Children/Immature Beneficiaries
If none of your named beneficiaries are under 18, please skip this section. Would you like to name a responsible adult to manage the property of a minor (i.e., under 18) or immature (i.e., under 25 and not financially responsible) child? If you fail to do so, the Probate Court will have to name such a property manager if you die and leave property to a beneficiary under the age of 18.

Primary Backup

Forgiving Debts
Are there any debts that someone(s) owes you that you would like to forgive upon your death?

Debtor’s Name Amount/Debt relieved

Paying Debts and Taxes
Are there any specific assets (like a banking account) that you would like to use to pay any debts, funeral expenses or taxes owing at your death? If you do not name a specific source(s), then these expenses will be paid from a pro-rata share of all of your estate assets.

Primary Source Back-up Source

Personal Representative / Executor
Who would you like to represent you in ensuring that your Will is followed, including representing you through Probate and performing all of the necessary work to distribute your estate?

Primary Back-up

If you have any further instructions, requests or have need of clarification, please enter that information here before submitting your completed form. Once you have submitted your completed Consulation form, our offices will be in contact with you.

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