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Estate Planning Basics

There are three, primary levels of estate planning available in California. We offer a complete, estate planning package at an unbeatable price, as well as individual document preparation services on a flat-fee basis.

  1. WILL: The first and least complicated level of estate planning is a Will, which allows you to determine who will get what when you die; everyone should prepare an enforceable will.
  2. LIVING TRUST: The second level of planning ensures that your beneficiaries will be able to avoid the time and expense of Probate, which in most situations requires a Living Trust.
  3. AB TRUST: The third and most complicated level of estate planning is intended to avoid or reduce Estate Taxes, which is typically done by married couples through two, successive trusts, but can be performed for unmarried couples and individuals, as well (via an AB Trust).

These estate planning options involve complicated legal, financial and tax consequences, and no two plans are ever identical. A professionally designed, individualized estate plan is absolutely necessary to legally direct and preserve your personal assets for the benefit of you and your loved ones.

What type of estate plan fits your situation?

Please point-and-click one of the descriptions below that most closely describes your circumstance. You will be directed to a free, online brochure that will fully explain the best estate plan for your individual needs. These online brochures include direct links to free resources offered by independent and trusted associations and government agencies, so that you may be assured of the accuracy of our site’s information. We will also be glad to mail you a free hard copy of any of these brochures.

Once you have narrowed your search and decided on a specific estate plan, we can initiate an online consultation, which will progress at your own pace via email or telephone correspondence … no pressure and all from the comfort of your home or office.

Here you will find links to government agencies and trusted organizations describing the importance of retaining an estate planning professional.

Click here if you are ready to proceed with an online consulation, which will assist our firm as we begin drafting a plan which will best fit your needs.

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